It is said that the first one to see a Unicorn was Adam himself in the Garden of Eden. In the Old Testament there are seven references of Unicorns. Along history the church has interpreted the Unicorn in different ways. In the Middle Ages the unicorn became the sign of Christ. Its horn symbolizing the unity between Jesus and God the Father. The Unicorn can be found sprinkled in history from all backgrounds, religions, and countries. With it's unique horn from the middle of its forehead the unicorn symbolizes the spiritual arrow, the solar ray, the divine sword of discernment, the revelation of the insertion of spirit in nature and  also is a bridge between worlds. The belief of their existence is widespread in the world today even though they have not been seen for centuries. For some the reason they have not been seen just increases the mystery, while others believe that unicorns are still living in far away regions which can be seen just by people having extraordinary virtues and an incredible clean soul. Unicorns are described as an extremely wild woodland creature. They are said to be the symbol of purity and grace. The unicorn's horn is said to have magical virtues. Their horns have the power to decant polluted waters, cure illnesses and detect and destroy poisons. The unicorn myth represents the attraction that purity continues to have even over the most corrupted hearts.

In discovering Unicorns I have found that they most resemble a horse. They have different length manes, tails, some have wings, all have horns and hooves like a horse. The eyes of the Unicorn are three times the size of a horses eyes. They can also be different colors bringing more information to the individual. Each one is very unique in its color, size, and gender. This is determined in what the individual person is communicating. The body color of the Unicorn represents what the person is working on and the mane and tail colors are the tools the individual is using to help accomplish their purpose. Each of us have masculine and feminine energy. The gender of the Unicorn gives us a clue as to aspects whether feminine or masculine qualities are being brought into the persons awareness at any given time. Masculine represents energies like power, strength and courage.  While feminine represents energies like love, joy and compassion. The size of the Unicorn represents how much energy is being put forth in these efforts. Each Unicorn has a similar personality of the person it is with as well as sharing similar interests. 

There are three different Unicorns with three different purposes. The first one explains the individuals purpose for this lifetime and or what they are  working on and accomplishing while in this body. The second  Unicorn is given to every individual when they become a soul. When a soul is born in the very beginning of its existence it receives a Unicorn that stays with it through its entire life. This Unicorn connects  the individual to their past lives, while giving information relevant to this lifetime. This Unicorn can remind us of why we have chosen our careers, relationships or surroundings. The third is always present and always shows itself as a pure white Unicorn with gold, silver, or opal essence. It represents our God source, the light that is within us, our connection to God. This Unicorn is always behind the persons right hand side, and shimmers with bright light. It truly is the most beautiful Unicorn presented by the individual. One of the first two Unicorns may show up depending on what messages the individual is there to receive or all three may show up to help complete the wisdom that is being shared for the individual.


The information they share is always good and full of wisdom. The Unicorns are here to help the person remember their own brilliance. They help us remember how amazing and truly awesome we are as beings here and now in this body. Every Unicorn shares information that we as individuals need at this time in our complex lives. They are special guides that remind us that life is fun and imagination is most important in creating what we want.