Ashley L.
I was extremely surprised at the accuracy that Stacey was able to have with my mare, Billie. She was able to read information that, not only wasn't on any social media platform, but also I was the only one that knew. Since the reading, my mare has done a complete 180 turnaround as far as her attitude. Before the reading we were heading backwards in our training and our relationship was deteriorating. Every ride was a fight waiting to happen. After, our relationship has never been stronger. Stacey was able to provide insight as to where I was lacking emotional intelligence within our training and, since being more aware, Billie has thrived! 

Deeia T.

Often we are faced with circumstances in regard to our furry family that leads us to seek answers to health, behavioral or spiritual questions.  Reaching beyond the typical animal whisperer, Stacey takes readings to the next level - one where love and light abound. She provides a direct line to those we cherish by tapping into their higher consciousness.  She offers an informative glimpse into why our pets are in our lives and how we can best help them, as well as how they are helping us in our symbiotic relationships.

Mary Catherine C.

I connected with Stacey for a reading on my wonderful cat, Coco, who passed two years ago. Stacey provided fascinating insights into Coco's current life, and accurate observations of her life with me before she passed.

Janet Y.

Through serendipity I stumbled onto Stacey's live broadcast on Wednesday. During her program my intuition continually said "Yes! I know she is speaking truth!" So, of course, I immediately booked a reading for myself. It was an hour of magic--clarity, wisdom, and deep insightfulness are just a few of the characteristics I would use to describe Stacey's reading. She "knew" where I had "been" in my life and told me where I am going. Again, I said "Yes! I know she is speaking truth!" For a life affirming and joyous experience, I unequivocally recommend Stacey and her service.