Stacey Ericson created Raspberry Light and is an Inspirational Medium and Animal Intuitive; Bringing Connection To Your Higher Self while Delivering Messages from Other Realms!


I am a bridge to greater understanding.

I help people remember their brilliant selves by connecting them to their higher selves. Their animals (living and in spirit) can also bring very personal messages forward to help with this connection. Everyone has their own Unique Unicorn as well that can help people remember their souls purpose for this lifetime. By learning about your Unicorn you begin to remember your all about unconditional love and have so many amazing skills to help you create the life you are here to live.

All of us have a ton of special beings here and in spirit that help us by bringing forward amazing messages

reminding us what awesome creative powerful beings we are!

When Stacey is communicating with animals, giving a personal reading, connecting with other realms or reading your Unicorn she is here to help you gain knowledge and wisdom while connecting with your creative force!



Communicating with your animals that are here as well as in spirit. This can be done remotely with a picture or in person at your location. 


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Tuning in to see what information and messages your higher consciousness has for you. This can be done in person or with Skype.

Each one is unique and as individual as the person it is with. They always bring us good news and help remind us of our special creative gifts. This can be done in person or with Skype.


Create a unique experience by gathering your friends at your location and learn to tune into your own special skills to communicate with animals. 


Learn to create a better relationship between you and your animals. These sessions are one on one and done at your location. They include a personal reading as well.


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Stacey began using her gift to communicate with animals when she was a little girl. She started riding horses when she was 5 years old and her parents purchased a very talented pony named Pearl for her at 9 years old who became her best friend. She and Pearl developed an understanding that went way beyond the ordinary horse person relationship while competing and creating extraordinary success. She continued to hear and communicate with all different types of animals throughout her adolescents and into her young adult life. Stacey then purchased a very special 10 acre horse farm when she was 31 years old. Other animal communicators would visit the farm and tell Stacey just how gifted she is. This became her motivation to begin exploring her true talent. She decided to take her first class in animal communications and found that she was extremely accurate when reading animals that were living as well as those in spirit. This made her realize that in order to help as many people as possible it would have to be her life's mission to perfect her special gift. 

Stacey is not only an animal communicator. She has expanded her skills into psychic readings, medium ship and other realms. One of the unique talents that she possess is to be able to give people their Unicorn Readings. This skill came to her from the magical relationship she has with the horses. Each and every person has their own unique Unicorn and each one has a specific size, color, gender and personality. They are the blueprints of our soul and the information they have to share with us is to help in one's individual journey and to see the opportunities that surround all of us. Our Unicorns also help with finding beauty and balance in our lives as well as reminding us of our special talents and gifts. Having Stacey read your Unicorn is an amazing experience that can not be forgotten. It gives the individual the rare opportunity to connect emotionally and spiritually with their higher consciousness while hearing the messages that allow us all to follow our hearts true path. 


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